Pack Walk Dog Training and Assessment


The Talacre Beach pack walk takes place every two weeks, starting at 10am and takes around 1 hour to walk. We meet at the Lighthouse pub carpark. The guys there are great, they provided tea and coffee for a pound after the walks. Both walks are the same in as much as they follow structured walking method. At Talacre this means, we walk on the path behind the dunes with the dogs close together, once we cross to the beach the dogs get a longer lead and a little more space, then once off the beach and returning to the car park, short leads. Once we are back we do an exercise called Circles. This is where dogs take it in turns to sit in the middle with dogs going around then in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions. This is to help your dog get used to dogs coming towards him from different directions.

New guys to the walks need to contact me and book a place. I only allow 2/3 new guys per walk due to limited time to assess the new dogs prior to the walk and also allows me to keep the pack balanced.

Below are the upcoming planned walks!

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