Fred’s second chance.

So we continue with Freds story. Fred is back in kennels as his first adopters didn’t understand how to take a rescue dog home.

Fred is an 8 month old Sprollie. Sprollie’s are a Border Collie, Springer Spaniel mix. He has now been adopted by a young active couple.


This kennel life isn’t so bad…..the humans here are cool. Lots of food and walks with different humans, however, there were sheep and I wasn’t allowed to go and play. There was a smell and I wanted to follow it, but I wasn’t allowed. It seems a family want to adopt me as I am a good family kinda dog.

Yippee I’m in a car going to my new home. These guys have walked me a few times, I know them a little. They say I will go for lots of walks and they will have time to play with me. I like them.

I have been here for a couple of days and life is good here. We go for big walks on my lead but they haven’t let me off lead yet. My humans are home all the time and when they go out I have gone with them. I like it here.

My humans throw the ball in the garden all the time for me. They let me carry it back into the house. It is my ball they say. I am liking this.

We are having visitors today. Not sure what they are but I am sure it will be fun. Oh visitors have little humans. I am a little unsure I will stay very close to my human, he will know I am a little scared. The little human keeps coming over to my human, but he is my human….go away. I will bark. Oh humans not happy. What did I do wrong? The little human has my ball! It is my ball! I will go get it back. Oh humans not happy with me. I have been sent outside…what did I do wrong?

I don’t like being away from my family, I will bark and let them know I am here and don’t want to be separated. Humans not hearing me, I will scratch at the door. Humans shouted at me…What did I do wrong?

Visitors have gone now thank goodness….my humans talking about me. Think I am in trouble. They say I can’t have a walk today as a punishment and they shouted at me. I am scared.

It is morning, walk time yippee. Missed my walk yesterday, so I have lots of energy. What’s going on? My humans are going out without me? That can’t be right! I will bark to tell them they have forgotten me! They haven’t heard me…I’m scared. I don’t know what to do they haven’t left me before…..I’m running about scared, the door is shut to where my ball is, I will try to get to it. I don’t like being on my own…..I am scared!

Humans are back…hurrah hi guys where did you go? Did you know you forgot me? Humans not happy, I wee’d while I was scared and knocked some things over while running around, oh and I scratched the door. Humans not happy with me…I’m scared!

We are going for a walk in the fields….this is fun lots of scents here. Yippee I am being let off my lead! Wow what’s this scent? It is very strong I must follow it…it feels like what I should do. This is great fun. Oh I have lost the scent. I can hear my humans calling me. I will go back and tell them all about my adventure……..Humans don’t want to know about my adventure I am in trouble….and I need a bath! Took me ages to get all this fox poo on me. I have made the car dirty and smelly. Humans not happy…..What did I do wrong?

My humans don’t let me off lead anymore after my last adventure…….All this lead walking is ok but I get bored with it. I know I will try to chase these wheel things! There are lots on the cars and bikes. Humans shout at me for doing this but I am bored!

The humans have returned me to the rescue……I am too much for them apparently….but what did I do wrong? Surely the humans know what a Sprollie does!


The point here is that Fred did nothing wrong! The guys adopting him simply chose a dog whose breed traits they didn’t understand. Springers are high energy working dogs that will follow a scent all day. They do not respond well to shouting and suffer from separation anxiety. The collie is a super intelligent high energy working dog, that guards and suffers from separation anxiety. That said, in the right family the Sprollie is a fantastic dog, if you have the knowledge and understanding of what you are taking on.

Love Fred.


Dave Sutton