Alyn Waters

The Alyn Waters Country Park pack walk takes place every two weeks, starting at 9.30am and takes around 1 hour to walk. We meet at the cafe side of the park, and enjoy a circular walk. Like the Talacre walks we follow the structured walk method. We walk close lead for part of the walk, although we do take advantage of the River Alyn for a water break on warm days. When we go off the path and on to the grass part of the walk the dogs get a little more space and a longer lead. After the walk we do the circles exercise. This exercise helps your dog learn to cope with dogs coming at then from various directions.

New guys to the walks need to contact me and book a place. I only allow 2/3 new guys per walk due to limited time to assess the new dogs prior to the walk and also allows me to keep the pack balanced.

Below are the upcoming planned walks!


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