Adult Socialisation

Socialising your dog is one of the most important aspects of dog training. If for whatever reason, you haven’t been able to socialise your dog from a young age then start now. Dogs are, by their DNA social creatures. We as humans have unfortunately played our part in attempting to undermine this basic behaviour. A dog that is not comfortable around other dogs is not reaching it true potential. This applies to lap dogs and guardian breeds alike.

To help dogs show their owners they are capable of being around other dogs I have started Pack Walks. The details of which can be found else where on this site. However, what if your dog is, or you believe your dog to be, too reactive for the Pack Walks? This is where 1-2-1 sessions can be of help. In a socialisation session I will first assess you as a handler, then I will assess your dog and show you some methods to improve your handling skill. I will also show you basic canine body language. Then we introduce other dogs, normally mine. Something I say to my clients time and again is that I don’t know your dog as well as you do. You have lived with your dog, you can tell if he is comfortable etc. I can to a degree but you know your own dog best. I live and work with my dogs. I know them well. How my dogs react to yours will tell me more about your dog than you ever could. I trust my dogs reactions. From how they react it will either reinforce my opinion or not. It is from my dogs readings that we go forward. There is no set plan. How dogs react to each other dictates my methodology. No two dogs are the same so while I may have a general game plan the dogs decide how slowly or quickly we go forward.

The socialisation sessions are held on Saturdays. To enquire please just go to the “contact” page.